Joshua Baraka, ramsey nouah

Ramsey Nouah praises Joshua Baraka’s musical talent, despite the mistaken gender assumption.

Nigerian film star Ramsey Nouah, mistakenly believed that Ugandan singer Joshua Baraka was a woman.

In the course of this week, Nigerian film celebrities arrived in Uganda for the highly anticipated Ikon Awards.

During their media tour ahead of the event, Ramsey Nouah was asked to share his thoughts on the Ugandan music industry.

Ramsey, who initially thought Joshua Baraka was female, praised the singer’s talent, describing his music as soothing and delightful.

Ikon Awards

He specifically mentioned that he was impressed by the opening line of Joshua’s song “Dalilah” featuring Axon.

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However, Ramsey was later informed that Joshua Baraka is actually a male artist and that he had released a remix of the song featuring Nigerian singers Simi and Qing Madi.


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