MC Kats, Jonathan Nalebo

Jonathan Nalebo urges music industry players to support MC Kats complete his house

In a recent interview on YouTube with Kasuku, Jonathan Nalebo highlighted the significant role MC Kats has played in advancing the music careers of several artists and MCs.

He expressed disappointment that many individuals who benefited from MC Kats’ support did not reciprocate the gesture, creating a negative perception.

Jonathan Nalebo emphasized that MC Kats has been instrumental in discovering and nurturing talent in the music industry.

He mentioned how the MC Kats has tirelessly worked behind the scenes, organizing events, promoting artists, and providing them with platforms to showcase their skills.

MC Kats

As a result, Nalebo called on players in the Ugandan music industry to come together and assist in improving MC Kats’ situation, including helping him complete his house.

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He urged individuals and organizations with the means to contribute towards the completion of the house to do so, emphasizing that it would be a tangible way to show appreciation for MC Kats’ dedication and hard work.


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