Angella Summer Namubiru

Angella Summer Namubiru Awarded With a YouTube Gold Plaque Button

Ugandan actress, model, media personality, content creator, and TikTok star, Angella Summer Namubiru is elated upon being rewarded with a YouTube gold plaque button.

Angella Summer Namubiru rose to stardom due to her vlogs and TikToks which depict her daily life in rural Uganda.

In her content, Angella Summer advocates for social issues like awareness of the health dangers of skin bleaching, equal rights for women and children, access to clean drinking water and protection of the environment.

Born in Butakesu village, Angella Summer Namubiru is a People’s Choice Award winner which she bagged in November 2022.

Having garnered over 1 million YouTube subscribers on her channel, the content creator was earlier today rewarded the Gold play button.

Angella Summer Namubiru

The Gold play button which is made of  gold-plated brass is awarded to channels that surpass 1,000,000 subscribers.

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Upon receiving her award, Angella Summer Namubiru took to her social media accounts, where she thanked her fans for always supporting her.

Thank you so much guys for 1.M Subscribers, Thanks youtube for the Gold play button am very grateful with god everything is possible


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