Ann Taylor, Rogers Ssenubya (SB4)

Ann Taylor and Rogers Ssebunya (SB4) Welcome a Set of Twins

Ann Taylor and her husband Rogers Ssebunya, alias SB4, are celebrating the arrival of their set of twins.

This exciting news follows months of speculation regarding Ann Taylor’s giving birth, which she had previously denied. However, today SB4 took to his Facebook account to share the joyous news of their twins’ arrival.

In his heartfelt post, SB4 expressed difficulty finding the right words to describe his happiness. He acknowledged the long journey they had been through and expressed his gratitude towards his wife, Ann Taylor, for being a powerful woman.

He also thanked her for making him a father, despite the challenges they faced during the childbirth process.

Ann Taylor, Rogers Ssenubya, SB4

SB4 emphasized that the birth of their twins was extraordinary, as it aligns with the Buganda culture’s tradition of bestowing the titles of Nalongo and Ssalongo.

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Although specific details such as the babies’ gender and names were not disclosed, SB4 shared photos showcasing the perfect health of the babies and their mother.


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