Ann Talia Oze

Anna Talia Oze Graduates With Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Studies

TV personality Anna Talia Oze real name Annet Nambooze has capped her studies with a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International studies at Victoria University.

A few years back Anna Talia Oze set out to pursue a degree in Diplomacy and International Studies having acquired a scholarship at Victoria University.

Today marks the culmination of her studies and was among the hundreds of students who graduated from the Jinja Road-based University.

In light of her graduation, Anna Talia Oze took to her socials, thanking the leaders of Victoria University Dr. Lawrence Muganga and Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia pointing out that their scholarship was the driving force behind her pursuit of the advanced degree, and pledged to forever treasure their visionary support.

She went on to convey gratitude to her family, including her husband, sister, brother William, confidante Penny, and friends Pandra, Asher Namanya, and Dora saying their unwavering love and encouragement have been the solid foundation upon which her aspirations flourished.

Ann Talia Oze

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Below is Ann Talia Oze’s lengthy appreciation to whoever did their best to see that she acquired her milestone amicably.

Appreciation Post : For my Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International studies.
Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as I celebrate the culmination of an extraordinary journey – the attainment of a Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations. This achievement is not mine alone; it is the result of the unwavering support, encouragement, and generous opportunities that have woven together to create this moment.

To Dr. Lawrence Muganga and Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia:
From our very first meeting, I was struck by your incredible generosity and steadfast belief in the transformative power of education. Your scholarship was the driving force behind my pursuit of this advanced degree, and I will forever treasure your visionary support. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and the entire leadership team at Victoria University Kampala Uganda.

To My Beloved Family:
To my husband, my sister Linda, my brother William, my confidante Penny, my friends Pandra, Asher Namanya, Dora, and my entire family, your unwavering love and encouragement have been the solid foundation upon which my aspirations flourished. Your selfless sacrifices and unwavering faith in my dreams propelled me to reach this significant milestone. And to the most valuable player of all time, C•K•Busulwa, I say, “God did it.”

To My Esteemed Professors: Dr. Tom Mugizi, Mr. Katumba Isaac, Mr. Africa, Dr. Doreen, Miss Christine, and Miss Shallot:
Your mentorship, profound expertise, and unwavering commitment to your craft have left an indelible mark on my academic journey. Learning from the very best has been a privilege, and your invaluable lessons will continue to resonate as I embark on my journey in the field of diplomacy and international relations.

To My Exceptional Classmates: Fara Abdul and Jasper:
Our collective journey through education has fostered a bond that remains a constant source of inspiration and growth. I am deeply proud to have shared this transformative experience with such an exceptionally diverse and talented group.

To My Supportive Bosses and Supervisors at NBS:
Your steadfast support and exceptional understanding during my academic pursuits have played a pivotal role in my achievements. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities you provided and the flexibility in granting academic leaves whenever needed.

To Dr. James of Billbrain Institute of Technology:
Under your guidance, I also earned two Certificates in Effective Communication Management and Digital Marketing from the esteemed Billbrain Institute of Science and Technology. These additional accolades underscore my enduring commitment to continuous learning and personal growth.

As I stride confidently into the exciting future that awaits me, I carry with me the collective wisdom, unwavering support, and boundless love of each one of you. This degree is a testament to the heights that can be reached with a strong support system and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

With profound gratitude and anticipation for the journey ahead,
Annet Nambooze and Anna Talia Oze #Graduation #ThankYou


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Congratulations Ann


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