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Artist Will Not Eat Thank You Much. Rickman Responds to Crysto Panda’s Rants

Derrick Ddungu, aka Rickman Manrick, has spoken out against fellow singer Crysto Panda’s idea of not paying fellow artists who perform at another artist’s concert.

A few days ago, NTV presenter and singer Herbert Kityamuweesi, better known as Crysto Panda, sparked controversy on social media when he suggested that no artist should be paid to perform at a fellow artist’s concert.

Panda’s divulgence was inspired by Eddy Kenzo, who held his concluded ”Eddy Kenzo Festival” and all artists who performed did it out of goodwill.

The ”Kyolina Omanya” singer’s suggestion didn’t settle well with most artists, with Rickman Manrick being the most recent opponent.

Rickman Manrick

Contrary to Panda’s idea, Rickman revealed in his Tweet that when the right time comes for him to hold a concert, he will budget for artists, DJs, emcees, and every service provider at his event.

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Rickman reasoned that these people need to be appreciated financially because they can’t feed on thank you very much.

If I ever have a concert, I will definitely have a budget for artists, djs, mcees and for every service provider because these people don’t feed on thank you very much. If an artist offers to perform for free, well and good.


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