Azawi Criticizes the AI Rendition of Her Song “Masavu” With Late Radio, Fears it Could Ruin Her Credibility.

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi has expressed her dissatisfaction with an AI version that includes the late Mowzey Radio, stating that it has negatively impacted the originality of her track “Masavu”.

On February 14, 2024, Azawi released her single “Masavu”, seemingly inspired by a popular slogan in the country.

After the release of her song, a new AI version featuring Mowzey Radio was shared on various social media platforms including YouTube.

Azawi believes that this has had a detrimental effect on her song and career, as some music enthusiasts now believe she either copied Mowzey Radio’s song or has access to his hard drive.

She pointed out that similar incidents have occurred in the past, such as with Alien Skin, who was wrongly labelled as a proper R&B singer despite being a dancehall artist.


Azawi emphasized that the individual responsible for creating these AI-generated songs may not realize the negative impact it can have on the music industry, viewing it as a mere source of entertainment.

Despite acknowledging that Mowzey Radio’s voice added a unique touch to her song, Azawi highlighted that it undermines the credibility and effort of the original composer.

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The Swangz singer mentioned that she plans to consult her lawyers or engage in a discussion with the individual behind the AI version before taking any further action.

She also clarified that even if the AI rendition is distributed on various music streaming platforms, she will still receive all the royalties since she holds the copyright to the song. However, the credibility of the song is at stake, as fans may mistakenly attribute it to Mowzey Radio.


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