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Aziz Azion’s Strings of Love Concert Unfolds With Exceptional Sound Quality and Production.

The Strings of Love concert was a remarkable event, with exceptional sound and production. The quality of production is often a defining factor in a successful concert, and this one was no exception.

The attendance was impressive, and attendees were quick to praise the stage, sound, and lighting provided by Fenon Events, the company responsible for the production.

Fenon Events went above and beyond, setting up a magnificent stage adorned with large screens, stunning lights, and impeccable sound quality. The combination of Aziz Azion’s performance and the Maestro Band’s musical accompaniment created a truly memorable experience for the audience.

Throughout the show, the MCs, band members, and artists were clearly heard through the microphone, thanks to the efforts of Fenon Events.

It is worth noting that the stage was built in just one night, a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the Fenon team. Unlike other events that require at least two days for setup, Fenon Events worked tirelessly overnight at Serena Hall to ensure everything was in place for the concert.

The concert was well-attended, with Aziz Azion taking the crowd on a nostalgic journey with his hit songs such as “Oxygen,” “Chocolate Girl,” and the timeless classic “Nkumira Omukwano.” Notable artists like Rema Namakula, Fresh Kid, and Jamal Wasswa were also present to show their support. It is worth mentioning that Aziz Azion’s last concert was in 2011 at Kati Kati Restaurant and Gardens.

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Leading up to the event, many artists, including Bobi Wine, Geosteady, and Rema Namakula, used their social media platforms to promote Aziz Azion’s show, demonstrating the widespread support and anticipation for the concert.


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