Babaluku refutes being a witch doctor, acknowledges following traditional beliefs

Renowned veteran rapper Babaluku born Silas Ssajabbi Kintu Mukasa has responded to claims suggesting that he is a witch doctor.

While addressing the press recently, the rapper admitted following the traditional norms and customs, before venting his dissatisfaction with the misconception among folks that whoever practices them is a devil worshiper.

He noted that he has over the years believed in his ancestral spirits, acknowledging their catalyst in his blessings and success.

Babaluku went on to urge folks to reconnect with their ancestral spirits and fetch all the blessings to live a successful and slavery-free life.

The rapper revealed that enslaved individuals lack originality, while those aware of their roots will forever experience peace.


He maintained that despite having a religious name Silas, he has his traditional names Ssajabbi Kintu Mukasa which link him directly to his ancestral beliefs.

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Furthermore, Babaluku urged parents to stop misleading youths by not allowing them to believe in their traditions, saying that this would only lead them to suffer.

@exclusive_bizz Rapper Babaluku acknowledges being a traditionalist. #ugandanstiktok #fypシ #viral @Exclusive Bizz ♬ original sound – Exclusive Bizz


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