Grace Khan, Bad Black

Bad Balck Reportedly Checks Grace Khan Into Rehab

Socialite and beautician Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has checked renowned singer Grace Khan into rehabilitation.

The former Da Nu Eagles singer Grace Khan has been on numerous news pages over the past few months for all the wrong reasons.

Grace Khan’s adjacent sources attributed her strange behaviour to drug and alcohol abuse before pleading with anyone worried to check her into rehab before it was too late.

On Tuesday this week, Grace Khan who seemed inebriated, indulged in a physical fight with fellow singer Kid Dee, over the paternity of her daughter Grannah.

This compelled Bad Black to help Grace Khan, as she took over her responsibility and her daughter until she regains her mental state.

Grace Khan

Through her Facebook page, Bad Black acknowledged the development and disclosed that the singer needed a social media hiatus in order to receive treatment for the betterness of her health.

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Black is certain that Grace Khan will be completely transformed by the time she leaves rehabilitation.  Grace is not the first person Bad Black has checked into rehab; previously, she had done the same for Pretty Glo, who eventually managed to escape but later recovered.

Dear Online parents, i want to let You know that I’m responsible and care for Diva grace khan and her daughter she needed time off media and sought medication from rehab than these desperate YouTubers who were only looking for content but not minding her mental health….. so by the time she comes back everything will be good …… anything you want to know kindly communicate to me 0782771463 .. obulile obadde oliwa okumuyaba?
Thank You …


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