Bad Black, Eugene Ssepuuya

Bad Black Doubts Paternity of Her Daughter, Wants DNA Test With Eugene Sseppuya

Socialite and beautician Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has revealed that former Uganda Cranes player Andrew Eugene Sseppuya could be the biological father of her daughter Davina.

Over the years, Bad Black has fronted renowned fashionista Kim Swagga as the paternal father of her daughter Davina.

She has also severally expressed her disappointment with Kim Swagger, for not fulfilling his fatherly obligations in his daughter’s life.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Bad Black has stripped Kim Swagga of the parental rights of her daughter Davina, claiming that it was done inadvertently.

in a video Bad Black shared on her socials, she recounts being in a romantic relationship with Eugene Sseppuya in mid-2011, before giving birth to Davina in May 2012.

Kim Swagga, Bad Black

To settle the doubts, Bad Black has pleaded with Eugene Sseppuya who currently dwells in Sabia, to come for a DNA test with her daughter Davina.

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Black made it clear that she has made the decision to take her daughter for a DNA test with the former Uganda Cranes Striker in an effort to trace the rightful roots of her daughter.


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