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Bajjo Events’ Baby Mama Nash Glow Accuses Him Of Child Neglect

Events promoter Bajjo Clear Process real name Andrew Mukasa Alfonso is on the spot over child neglect.

Based on the video accessed by Exclusive Bizz, a Dubai-based businesswoman and beautician Nash Glow has lost her patience and exposed Bajjo for being a deadbeat father.

According to Nash, she set out in a romantic relationship with Bajjo a few years back, before siring a child together.

However, their relationship did not last long, as they fell out and embarked on co-parenting to raise their child.

Nash Glow claims that for the past few years, Bajjo hasn’t been compliant, as he failed to raise money for child support. She adds that as if that wasn’t enough, the events’ promoter borrowed money from her business, which he steadfastly failed to pay.

Bajjo Events

It is for the aforementioned reasons that Nash took to social media, and vented her frustration, as well as pleaded with Bajjo to either avail child support funds, or take his child plus paying the money he owes her.

In his defence, Bajjo revealed that he never intended to sire a child with Nash Glow, mentioning that she was a s#x vendor and he paid for her services.

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Bajjo maintained that even if the child is taken for DNA and proven that he is the biological father, he is not ready to foot child support claiming he wants to teach Nash a lesson.


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