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“Balaam Was Behind Sitya Danger and Love Fest Concerts” Eddy Kenzo Reveals

Singer Eddy Kenzo has revealed that events promoters Abitex and Balaam Barugahara joined efforts to stage Alien Skin’s Sitya Danger and Pallaso’s Love Fest Concerts.

While taking part in an interview, Eddy revealed that following Pallaso assaulting Alien Skin, he reached out in an effort reconcile the two artists.

He made contact with Pallaso, but efforts to speak to Alien Skin were futile. Kenzo later learned that the Frangong Forest Entertainment singer had joined efforts with Abitex Promotions to avenge by holding a concert at Freedom City, to rival Balaam Balugara’s masterminded Love Fest Concert.

Eddy Kenzo adds that he immediately contacted the Uganda Promoter’s Association, to address the development.

During the meeting that involved Balunywa the speaker of the association, and the chairman Luba Events, the pair disclosed that Abitex and Balaam intended to use the hostility between Alien Skin and Pallaso to obtain money.


Through a conference call, Balaam and Abitex were contacted to verify the claims and after the latter acknowledged that they had indeed planned it, the former hung up the phone.

It is at this moment that Eddy Kenzo revealed that Abitex and Balaam masterminded Alien Skin and Pallaso to fight, such that they can earn from their animosity.

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Kenzo maintained that as the Uganda National Musicians Federation, he couldn’t endorse both shows as he would be promoting violence in the music industry.

It should be remembered that Eddy Kenzo endorsed only Pallaso’s Love Fest Concert, which left many music enthusiastic tongues wagging.


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