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Bebe Cool Buys a Piece of Land For Less Privileged TikTok Sensation Baby Face

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool has secured a plot of land for a less privileged TikToker known as Baby Face.

Over a month back, YouTuber SB4 Media hosted Baby Face real name Nasejje Florence a TikToker who lived in a pretty deplorable situation.

Baby Face, 30, lives in Butambala-MUkulungo and has three children, none of whose biological dads she is aware of since men have used and abandoned her.

She lives with a well-wisher who pledged to help her because she couldn’t work but had dependent children.

When Bebe Cool watched Baby Face’s interview, he was touched and pledged to buy her a piece of land in an effort to elevate her standards of living.

Bebe Cool

Contrary to others who dislike Baby because of her personality, Bebe vowed to invite her and her children to his house for lunch along with his entire family.

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Additionally, a number of well-wishers are still contributing relief funds, and others have promised to cover Baby Face’s kids’ tuition costs.

Have a look at the video below


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  1. We are in Uganda but but unsafe very sad new we lost a very important person .Isma he has been voice full who does not fear any and ,he speaks what is true
    May his soul rest in eternal peace!

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