Bebe Cool, Alien Skin, Abitex Promotions, Enkuuka Tobongoota, Enkwacho Festival

Bebe Cool Claims Abitex Incurred Losses While Alien Skin Made Profits From Their Respective Rival Events

Abitex Promotions and Alien Skin organized two separate events on 31 December 2023. Abitex Promotions held the Enkuuka Tobongoota at the Lubiri in Mengo, while Alien Skin organized the Enkwacho Festival at Wankulukuku Stadium.

However, Bebe Cool has claimed that Abitex Promotions incurred losses while Alien Skin made profits from their respective events.

Bebe Cool’s argument is based on the high costs associated with organizing Enkuuka, which he believes deterred many promoters from hosting the event.

According to Bebe Cool, the Buganda Kingdom charges a fee of Ugx 300M to any promoter interested in organizing Enkuuka.

Additionally, the promoter is required to pay Ugx 50M to the Kabaka’s office regardless of the proceeds from the event.

Bebe Cool, Alien Skin, Abitex Promotions, Enkuuka Tobongoota, Enkwacho Festival

Furthermore, the promoter has to cover expenses for the stage, music equipment, musicians, and advertising.

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Bebe Cool pointed out that due to the competition between Enkwacho and Enkuuka, it was challenging for Abitex’s Enkuuka to attract a significant number of attendees enough to accumulate profits, resulting in financial losses.

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