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Bebe Cool Disgruntled By Local Events Promoters’ Disrespectful Characters

Gagamel international singer Bebe Cool has expressed his disappointment and frustration with Ugandan local promoters, characterizing their behaviour as both foolish and disrespectful.

In a strongly condemnatory analysis, Bebe Cool shed light on the numerous occasions where promoters have failed to fulfil their obligations and exhibited a lack of respect towards artists, resulting in musicians taking matters into their own hands by organizing their own events.

Bebe Cool recounted an instance where music critic Eddie Ssendi associated his brand with a modest valuation and favoured Jose Chameleone as the sole artist deserving of a substantial fee.

In the Glimpse of the Eye, Eddie Ssendi found himself under the obligation imposed by his superior to engage the services of Bebe Cool for a performance at one of their scheduled events.

The ‘Kasepiki’ singer, in turn, requested a fee of Ugx 15M, which unfortunately Mr. Ssendi failed to remunerate.

Bebe Cool

At this point, Bebe Cool raised a valid inquiry concerning the promoters’ anticipation for musicians to grace their events, with their blatant disregard and disrespect towards musicians.

In light of these issues, Bebe Cool calls for a change in the mindset and behaviour of Ugandan promoters. He urges them to prioritize professionalism, integrity, and respect for artists.

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