Bebe Cool, Alpha Ssali

Bebe Cool Wants Alpha Ssali to Marry a Mukiga Woman To Secure Future Lineage Football Careers

During a recent interview on NBS sport, Bebe Cool disclosed his preference for his son, Alpha Ssali, to marry a Mukiga woman.

He emphasized that he does not want his son to marry from any other tribe. Bebe Cool explained that this decision is driven by his desire to secure his son’s football career and future lineage.

He believes that the relationships his son forms will greatly impact his football aspirations. While his son can have girlfriends later in life, Bebe Cool prays that he chooses a girl from Bukiga land.

The reason behind this preference lies in the physical strength of Mukiga women and Bebe Cool firmly believes that such a union would result in tall and robust grandsons, especially considering the success of footballers like Halaand.

He sees the choice of a Mukiga wife as a strategic move to ensure that his son’s offspring inherit the physical attributes necessary for success in football.

Bebe Cool, Alpha Ssali

Alpha Ssali’s decision to invest in his children’s football careers raises questions about the logic behind it, considering that both his spouse and child could potentially be physically small and this physical attribute could potentially hinder their pursuit of success in football in future.

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