Beenie Gunter, Nikie Berry

Beenie Gunter and His Girlfriend Nickie Berry Allegedly Attacked in Abu-Dhabi

Beenie Gunter real name Baguma Crescent and his girlfriend Nickie Berry were reportedly involved in an altercation in Abu-Dhabi. The couple had recently travelled to the UAE ahead of Beenie Gunter’s performance.

According to an audio recording obtained by this website, after his performance, Beenie Gunter decided to socialize with fellow Ugandans at a popular hangout spot in Abu-Dhabi.

However, chaos ensued when a group of unidentified individuals attacked Beenie Gunter and his entourage.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, the singer was also assaulted and sustained injuries. Both Beenie Gunter and his girlfriend were quickly taken away from the scene for their safety.

The audio clip circulating suggests that the attack on Beenie Gunter was a result of conflicts between event promoters in Abu-Dhabi.

Beenie Gunter, Nikie Berry

During the altercation, Beenie Gunter and others were injured, and immediate medical attention was provided to ensure their well-being.

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As of now, there is no information available regarding the health of Beenie Gunter and his girlfriend. However, we will provide updates as more details emerge.


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