Betty Muwanguzi

Betty Muwanguzi reveals lack of financial sustainability in gospel music, supports those Quitting to work abroad

Veteran gospel singer Betty Muwanguzi has expressed her disappointment with the lack of financial sustainability in gospel music.

During an interview with Kingdom TV, Betty revealed that most churches expect gospel musicians to perform before the congregation without any facilitation.

She added that this lack of remuneration for their performances has forced many gospel musicians to start up churches, to solicit funds that would support them and their families.

The singer explained that they make remarkable investments in their music, however, they don’t get returns despite the songs dominating airwaves and making positive impacts in churches.

Betty Muwanguzi went on to urge fellow Christians to refrain from criticizing gospel musicians who exit the country to find greener pastures overseas due to the lack of stable revenue streams in their home country.

Betty Muwanguzi

She recounted her husband grappling with a spinal code condition which required him to fly to India for a specialized medical treatment but they faced challenges due to financial constraints, despite being a renowned gospel musician.

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Betty Muwanguzi noted that to curb the financial challenges faced by fellow gospel musicians, she supports their decisions to pursue well-paying jobs abroad to support their music careers and families.


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