Big Eye Starboss Intensifies Affection Towards NUP to Rekindle Strained Connection With Some Fans

Singer Big Eye Starboss recently made headlines with his surprising transition from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) political party.

This unexpected move not only caught the attention of the public but also sparked curiosity among his fan base.

To regain the support of a segment of his fan base, Big Eye Starboss has been actively demonstrating an increased affection towards Bobi Wine’s NUP political party.

By aligning himself with this popular opposition party, the singer hopes to reconnect with his fans who may have felt disillusioned by his previous affiliation with the ruling party.

One of the notable ways in which Big Eye Starboss has showcased his newfound support for NUP is by participating in the inaugural ceremony of the party’s headquarters in Makerere Kavule.

Big Eye Starboss

This event, which marked a significant milestone for NUP, saw the singer standing alongside Bobi Wine and other prominent party members, symbolizing his commitment to the cause.

By attending such a high-profile event, Big Eye Starboss not only demonstrated his solidarity with NUP but also showcased his willingness to actively engage in the party’s activities.

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While some may view Big Eye Starboss’s transition as a strategic move to regain popularity, others see it as a genuine expression of his evolving political beliefs.

As Big Eye Starboss continues to navigate his new political affiliation, it remains to be seen how this transition will impact his music career.


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