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Blu3 Cancels Reunion Concert Due to Clash in Dates and Venue With Ronald Mayinja’s Concert

Blu3’s reunion concert has been called off due to a clash in venue and dates with Ronald Mayinja’s concert.

The clash between Ronald Mayanja and Blu3 concert arose when both parties had initially planned to hold their respective concerts on the same dates and at the same venues

Blu3 had announced their intention to hold their reunion concert on Women’s Day, 08 March 2024, at Serena Hotel, which coincided with the dates and venue that Ronald Mayanja had already announced for his “Old is Gold Mayinja at 47” concert.

However, Ronald Mayanja recently disclosed that Cindy Sanyu, out of respect, contacted him and informed him that Blu3 had rescheduled their concert to allow him to celebrate harmoniously with his fans.

Ronald Mayinja

Mayanja expressed his gratitude towards Blu3 for recognizing his contribution to the industry and for giving him the opportunity to proceed with his celebrations on the chosen dates and venue.

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The exact date for Blu3’s reunion event is still unknown, but we can expect them to communicate further details in their upcoming announcements.


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