Bobi Wine, Solomon Kampala, Barbie Kyagulanyi

Bobi Wine, Barbie Kyagulanyi’s Birthday Messages As Son Solomon Kampala Turns 18 Years

Singer cum politician Bobi Wine and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi have heaped praise on their son Solomon Kampala as he turns 18 years today.

Eighteen years back Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi welcomed their first son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi in their household.

Today, according to the Uganda constitution, Solomon Kampala legally turns an adult, having notched 18 years.

Solomon Kampala’s new age has been received with a lot of ecstasy from his family, friends, and well-wishers.

Taking to their respective social media accounts, Solomon’s parents conveyed their gratitude to God for being a part of their son’s upbringing

See God ohh..See his love for us overflow! What shall we pay you almighty for the blessing of life? For me to live to see my first baby turn 18 today is a blessing above many. Happy birthday mr. kampala You go to the world and flourish! This planet is yours to blossom in. Flap and fly son, I will be here celebrating your adulthood every step of the way! I love you!

Barbie Kyagulanyi

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In the same vein, Bobi Wine expressed his pride in the man his son has become while remaining so disciplined and modest before welcoming him to the table of men.

My son, my friend.
I am so proud of the man you’ve grown into. Super intelligent, yet so humble and disciplined. May you find favour before the world. May the almighty God be with you, and may the blessings of your forefathers always follow you. Happy 18th birthday mr.kampala. Welcome to the table of men
Mpozi n’ekilala, now you’re allowed to be taller than me.

Bobi Wine


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