Bobi Wine Questions Bebe’s Understanding if Practicing MDD Makes You Smart and Studying it Makes you Dumb

Politician and singer Bobi Wine has fired back at his longtime nemesis Bebe Cool following the his recent Music Dance and Drama (MDD) diss.

While taking part in an interview recently, Bebe Cool responded to Bobi Wine’s claims that he has always been ahead of him and Chameleone in all spheres of life.

Bebe Cool took offense to this and responded that it is absurd for someone with a diploma in music, dance, and drama (MDD) to believe he can be academically superior to someone who did PCM at ‘A’ Level.

In a another interview, Bebe insisted that as a dad, he would simply urge any of his children who expressed an interest in enrolling in an MDD program at a university to use their funds to start a fish-selling business.

Bobi Wine

This saw famed comedian Teacher Mpamire come to Bobi Wine’s defence, revealing that he prefers MDD to PCM because he has made the world a happy place because he is a graduate of Makerere University School of performing arts and Film in Kampala Uganda.

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Upon Bobi Wine crossing paths with Mpamire’s post on Facebook, he took to the comment section, questioning Bebe Cool’s understanding if Practising Music, Dance and Drama makes one smart but studying to become a professional in MDD makes you dumb.

It should be remembered that in 2003, Bobi Wine graduated from Makerere University with a diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, while Bebe Cool droped out of school while pursuing a PCM combination at A level before embarking on his music career.

Practising Music, Dance and Drama makes you smart but studying to become a professional in music, Dance and drama makes you dumb.
Obukadde magezi nga tosanze baby cool


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