Bobi Wine, Barbie Kyagulanyi

Bobi Wine: The People’s President Wins Cinema for Peace Dove for Political Film of the Year in Berlin

The film Bobi Wine: The People’s President, directed by popstar-turned-political activist Bobi Wine, achieved another significant milestone by winning the Cinema for Peace Dove for Political Film of the Year.

The Cinema for Peace Awards are presented by the Cinema for Peace Foundation, an organization based in Berlin that aims to highlight the social impact of films.

Since 2002, the awards have recognized exceptional filmmakers and celebrated films that address humanitarian and environmental issues.

During this year’s ceremony on Monday, February 19, 2023, Bobi Wine and other filmmakers were honoured with awards.

Bobi Wine, Barbie Kyagulanyi

In his acceptance speech, Bobi Wine expressed his surprise at the recognition, emphasizing that his goal was not to create an award-winning film but to shed light on the struggles faced by Ugandans.

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He dedicated the award to all political prisoners in Uganda and every Ugandan striving for the liberation of their country.


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