Bobi Wine, Barbie Kyagulanyi

Bobi Wine’s Sweet Birthday Message to Wife Barbie Kyagulanyi

Singer and politician Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagyulanyi Ssentamu has penned a sweet birthday message to his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi as she celebrates her birthday.

Despite being busy executing his political ambitions at the National Unity Platform NUP Country Wide Tour, Bobi Wine got time off his busy work schedule to commemorate his wife’s birthday.

Taking to his socials, Bobi Wine expressed gratitude to Barbie for building him up, before donating him to her nation without hesitation.

Bobi Wine added that Babie has always taken him back, in whatever shape he returns home, beaten and bruised with a broken back, and she has always nursed and prepared him for the next day’s fight.

He continued by saying that on her birthday, he would have been planning to take her out for a special meal, but instead, he is busy fulfilling his political duties, and she doesn’t seem to mind something that makes her an exceptional wife.

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You built up your man to perfection, and then you donated him to your nation without hesitation. You have always taken me back, in whatever shape I return home, beaten and bruised with a broken back, and you have always nursed and prepared me for the next day’s fight. Today is your birthday, but instead of taking you to a romantic dinner, I am away in Lira for the common good, but you do not frown about it. Dear Barbie Itungo K, on behalf of a grateful nation, THANK YOU. A very happy birthday to you, the love of my life.


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