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“Bringing Back Cindy on Stage Shows How I’ve Been Favorable in the Music Industry” Sheebah

Karma Music Ug proprietor Sheebah Karungi made it known that she has done her part in the music industry hence she has no regrets in life even if her life ends now.

During the just-concluded “Pre-game” debate on Sanyuka TV, the moderator Zambaali Bulasio tasked Sheebah to leave fellow musicians a message supposing her forthcoming performance at Kololo Independence grounds on Friday was her last show in life.

In her response, Sheebah revealed that she has done her part in the music industry as she has given so many artists platforms through collaborations.

Sheebah stated that bringing Cindy Sanyu on her stage is one of the living examples of how favourably she has touched the music business over the years.

Sheebah Karungi

The self-proclaimed Karma Queen emphasised further that Cindy had long desired the music battle, but the former had refused to take part in it not until she consented recently.

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So whether she denies yes or no she knows the truth so I am still doing good for the industry until now look at this battle it is happening.

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