Pressure 247 Uganda Police

Buganda Kingdom, Police Confirm The Arrest Of TikToker Pressure 24 Seven Alias Musana Ibrahim

Based on the statement issued by the Buganda Kingdom earlier today, last week, the Kingdom expressed deep concern regarding the frivolous, demeaning, malicious, and baseless publications and information circulating on social media platforms, particularly TikTok masterminded by Pressure 24 Seven.

These posts, shared under the username @Pressure_24seven, targeted His Majesty the Kabaka of Buganda, as well as several other esteemed individuals in the country, including the Katikkiro.

On February 13th, 2024, the Kingdom of Buganda took formal action by complaining at the CID Headquarters in Kibuli. The complaint was submitted to the CID Director, highlighting the misuse of social media, dissemination of malicious information, and the use of hate speech against the Kabaka of Buganda, the Katikkiro, and those who faithfully pledge their allegiance to the Kabaka of Buganda. A copy of the complaint has been provided.

In response to this grave matter, various security agencies, including the Police and Crime Intelligence, initiated thorough investigations. Through collaborative efforts, they successfully apprehended the individual, Musana Ibrahim, who is responsible for creating and sharing the malicious media clips that have been circulating on social media platforms.

The statement further emphasized that the complaint and efforts to hold the offender accountable were initiated by the Kingdom.

Tiktoker Pressure 247

The Kingdom sincerely thanked all other concerned Ugandans who later joined in the pursuit of Musana Ibrahim, who is now in the custody of the security personnel.

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The Uganda Police has also confirmed holding Pressure 24 Seveni in its custody based on a video obtained while addressing the media earlier today.


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