Namayanja Priscilla

Bukedde TV Presenter Namayanja Priscilla Debunks Reports Of Her Death

Lately, there has been a disturbing trend where numerous individuals on social media platforms spread false information, falsely claiming the deaths of prominent individuals in the country.

Their motive behind such actions is to gain attention and increase their social media following.

Unfortunately, Namayanja Priscilla, a journalist from Vision Group, became the latest victim of this malicious trend when one of these social media accounts falsely declared her dead.

Upon discovering these unfounded allegations, Namayanja promptly took to her own social media platforms to debunk them.

She emphasized that the lack of content should not drive internet users to the point of falsely pronouncing living individuals as deceased.

Namayanja Priscilla

Namayanja revealed that she has been receiving inquiries from her employers, concerned about the news of her supposed passing.

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She made it abundantly clear that she is very much alive and well, and her child, Izabel, is also in good health.


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