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Bukedde TV Presenter Phoebe Kukiriza Gets Engaged to Her Fiance

Renowned media personality and influencer Phoebe Kukiriza and her partner have taken a significant step in their relationship after getting engaged today.

Phoebe rose to fame through her entertaining TikTok videos while working as a housemaid in the Arab world. Her unique content and charismatic personality quickly gained her a large following on social media.

After returning to the country, Phoebe’s talent and determination led her to secure a television job with Bukedd TV, a popular industrial area-based media outlet.

Phoebe’s success didn’t stop there, as she also landed several ambassadorial deals with well-known brands, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the media industry.

Earlier today, Phoebe’s partner surprised her with a romantic proposal at one of the hangout spots in Kampala. Overwhelmed with joy, Phoebe happily accepted the proposal, marking a new chapter in their relationship.

phoebe Kukiriza

While details about Phoebe’s fiance are currently limited, fans and followers eagerly await more information about the person who has captured her heart.

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As dedicated journalists, we are diligently working to provide you with all the necessary information about Phoebe’s partner.


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