Carol Nantongo

Carol Nantongo opens up about her battles with depression and suicidal thoughts

Singer Carol Nantongo has opened up about her battle with depression and the dark thoughts of suicide that plagued her.

She revealed that she experienced this emotional turmoil as a result of various hardships in her life, many of which were unjustly attributed to her.

The pain she endured during this period was overwhelming, leading her to contemplate ending her own life.

However, with the support of her family and her sister, who resides outside of Uganda, she was able to find solace and healing through counseling.

Carol Nantongo

In addition to sharing her personal struggles, Carol expressed her disappointment with the Uganda music industry, highlighting the prevalence of animosity within it.

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She emphasized that reaching a milestone of ten successful years in her music career is only possible by the grace of God.


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