Carol Nantongo, Stecia Mayanja

Carol Nantongo Recounts When Stecia Mayanja Ordered Her to Leave the Stage

Former Golden Band singer Carol Nantongo has narrated how fellow Stecia Mayanja humiliated her on Freedom City Stage.

Carol Nantongo shared a number of personal details during her appearance on Mr. Henry’s The Deep Talk show which airs on Galaxy TV every Sunday.

When questioned about some of the most humiliating experiences she has had in her music career, Carol Nantongo remembered being embarrassed by Stecia Mayanja.

She stressed that she had backed fellow musicians at Golden Band back when her career was still in its early stages.

Her backing experience saw her featured at Ronald Mayinja’s concert at Freedom City, little did she know that this irked Stecia Mayanja.

Carol Nantongo

When Stecia Mayanja took the stage, she made it known that she needed Carol Nantongo to leave the stage before she could start performing.

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Carol remarked that it was an embarrassing situation because she was the subject of all of Freedom City’s cameras as she was instructed to flee the podium.

She went on to say that she was upset with Stecia Mayanja’s decision before highlighting how traumatising it had been for her at the time as a budding artist.


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