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Carol Nantongo Reveals Her Relationship With Eddy Kenzo Can’t Be Influenced By External Forces

Despite rumours and dating speculation, Carol Nantongo has firmly asserted that her friendship with Eddy Kenzo is unbreakable and cannot be influenced by outside forces.

Addressing the claims of them dating, Carol vehemently denied these allegations, deeming them baseless and untrue.

She made it clear that she does not engage in relationships with married men and would immediately end the relationship if she accidentally found herself in such a situation.

Furthermore, Carol dismissed any notions of conspiring with Lydia Jazmine to undermine Rema Namakula’s marriage to Eddy Kenzo.

She firmly stated that she does not support or partake in any form of conniving with fellow women to harm or fight against another woman.

Carol Nantongo, Carol Nantongo birthday

Carol emphasized that she believes in individual choices and will not provide any further explanations regarding her relationship with Eddy Kenzo.

Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship, Carol revealed that she will continue to associate with Eddy Kenzo.

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She expressed her unwavering belief in the truth and stated that she still needs him in some capacity. Carol’s stance reflects her determination to stand by her choices and maintain her relationship with Eddy Kenzo, regardless of external opinions or rumours.


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