Bobi Wine

Celebrities And Netizens React To Bobi Wine’s Speech At Son’s School

A few weeks back, rumors of Bobi Wine’s elder son Solomon Kampala’s suspension over possession of drugs at school took social media by storm.

The rumors were confirmed by St Mary’s College Kisubi headmaster who revealed that Solomon was slapped with a 2 weeks suspension upon being found with drugs in his suitcase and under his mattress.

Bobi Wine

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Attending the parent’s annual general meeting, the National Unity Platform leader Bobi Wine had no kind words for the school headmaster brother Deodati Aganyira for always targeting his son.

Bobi Wine revealed that parents nurture their kids to be leaders, but his son was once stopped from contesting for a soupy prefectorial position on grounds that he was not an A student.

He detailed that he chose not to believe his son’s reports that he was always targeted and singled out by his school, but since the son’s schooling atmosphere was made unpleasant he was forced to intervene

Bobi Wine

Bobi wine’s speech attracted divergent opinions from netizens and various celebrities with some supporting his idea of going bare knuckles with the headmaster while others disagreed with his move.

Below are some of the remarks from various celebrities and tweeps regarding Bobi Wine’s speech.


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