Chosen Becky, Ruth Kuganja

Chosen Becky Finally Endorses Her Little Sister Ruth Kuganja Music Career

Singer Rebecca Kukiriza alias Chosen Becky has finally endorsed her little sister Ruth Kuganja’s music career.

A few months back, Chosen Becky’s sister Ruth Kuganja took a musical direction under Shonga Music management.

However, despite receiving the unwavering support from music fans, Chosen Becky has been mute about the development.

This saw a section of critics suggest that Chosen Becky wasn’t impressed by her sister’s decision to join the music industry.

Earlier today, however, Becky watered down the speculations, when she took to her socials to endorse her sister’s music career.

Chosen Becky, Ruth Kuganja

Becky went on to recollect their progress alongside her sister, before thanking God for being grateful to them.

The Bankuza crooner went on to rally her fans to support her sister, pointing out that she has all that it takes and she won’t disappoint them.

“This was 2010 me and my baby sister Ruth Kuganja. She is the one just right next to me. I was 10 yrs and she was 6 yrs. But see we are now grown The lord has been grateful. She joined the music industry and I beg y’all my sweet people to check out her new trending song #tulibubi. Trust me whatever came from my mum was blessed. Her vocal sounds just like an angel’s and you don’t know how happy I am to see my baby sis singing with such a strong vocal. Bambi let’s stand with her I promise she won’t disappoint.”

In the same vein, Ruth couldn’t help but express her pleasure upon crossing paths with her sister’s message and thanked her for the kind gesture portrayed.

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“I almost cried over these sweet words you wrote in a request for my support big sis. thank you sis for giving me a mention and also deciding to be among those that decided to be my voice pleading to the people to like and welcome me. And ya, we’ve come from far, and look what we are now!!! God has not failed us at any point in lyf.. As you’ve heard my sister, trust me I won’t disappoint you, my people. Pliz welcome and like my music. Available on all social media platforms.”one love”

Ruth Kuganja currently has two projects under her management, including ‘Tuli Bubi’ and ‘Byakyejo’


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