Chosen Becky

Chosen Becky Goes Bare Knuckles With Event Promoter Who Failed to Pay Her 3M Balance | VIDEO

Singer Chosen Becky last night engaged in a verbal exchange with a promoter who failed to pay for her performance.

According to Becky, she had been scheduled to perform at the Collins Hotel in Mukono and ensured that she arrived at the venue on time.

However, during her performance, she inquired about her balance payment of Ugx 3M and the promoter adamantly refused to honour their contractual agreement.

Becky further explained that the money had been provided to the promoter, identified as Promoter Galaxy, by his boss but he stubbornly refused to pay her.

She mentioned that she had turned down several other shows to perform at the Collins Hotel, only to be left unpaid. In a video shared on her social media platforms, Becky could be seen visibly angry on stage as she expressed her frustration before the promoter requested her to step down.

This is not the first time Becky has experienced such disrespect from promoters, as she revealed that even during Christmas, several promoters failed to pay her but she chose to remain silent and perform for the sake of her fans and her reputation.

Chosen Becky

The “Bankuza” singer emphasized that sometimes fans are unaware of the behind-the-scenes dynamics, as promoters resort to blackmailing musicians when they refuse to perform at their events.

She expressed her disappointment with unprofessional event promoters, specifically labelling Promoter Galaxy as fake.

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Chosen Becky further remarked about her inability to raise her children’s school fees due to the non-payment by promoters during the festive holidays. She went on to call for cooperation between promoters and musicians, urging mutual respect in professions.


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