Chrisrayug, Fresh Isaac, Combine Efforts on New Track Dubbed “Woman”

Singers Chrisrayug, also known as Christopher Lumanyika, and Fresh Isaac, born Tumusiime Isaac, have joined forces to collaborate on a project dubbed “Woman”.

Both artists are highly skilled musicians, and songwriters who have been active in the arts industry for a considerable amount of time.

In this particular collaboration, the duo celebrates women for their positive impact on society and their nurturing role in caring for the younger generation.

Christopher Lumanyika, popularly known as Chrisrayug, is an Afrobeat artist with a distinctive style. He discovered his passion for music at the age of 9 when he joined his school choir.

In 2019, he began recording his music and released a hit single called “Jangu”, which marked his debut in the industry.


Fresh Isaac is also an Afrobeat artist known for his unique melodies and vibes. He embarked on his musical journey in 2015.

He has collaborated with the Ghetto Kids on some of his songs and has gained a significant following with major singles such as “Just Like Do Me” and “No Evil”.

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Both artists are currently being promoted by DJ Janny P as they strive to establish successful music careers in the East African showbiz scene.



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