Ensigo yokukkiriza

Church of Uganda Teams Up with Uganda Martyrs Museum to Launch “Ensigo yokukkiriza” Play

The church of Uganda has teamed up with Uganda Martyrs Museum to launch a new play that is expected to leave revelers in the ewe.

Dubbed “Ensigo Yokukkiriza” the play has today been officially opened to the public, and is anticipated to show at Bat Valley Theater in Kampala.

Starting this Saturday 1st April 2023, the pristine play will be showing at Valley and the proceedings will go towards the completion of the auditorium which currently stands at 80% completion stage.

Collected funds will go to the completion of the auditorium that we expect to be complete by June 1st,” the spokesman Lwasi Eria Buzabo revealed while speaking to the press.

Ensigo yokukkiriza

In the same vein, Vincent Jingo, ‘The seed of faith’ writer, made it known that the play will be showing on all April weekends twice a day at Bat Valley, and entrance will go for Ugx 25,000 and 50,000.

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According to Bishop Jackson Matovu, the auditorium will be open to the public on the long-anticipated Martyr’s day 3rd June, and the president is expected to be part of the audience.

The yet-to-be-completed auditorium is expected to accommodate a total number of 7,000 people” Bishop Matovu maintained.


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