Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu addresses rumors of husband Okuyo Prynce’s relocation to the US and potential break-up

Cindy Sanyu has publicly addressed rumors claiming that her husband, Okuyo Prynce, has decided to relocate overseas to the US.

The dancehall singer stated that if such a thing were to happen, they would inform their fans, before requesting them to await their official statement.

Acknowledging her husband’s hectic work schedule, Cindy mentioned that he frequently travels abroad but always returns and is not permanently based elsewhere.

The UMA president affirmed that their marriage remains strong, refuting any claims of a separation.

She emphasized that they are committed to each other and their family, and any rumors suggesting otherwise are completely false.

cindy sanyu

Cindy Sanyu also expressed her frustration with the constant speculation surrounding her personal life, stating that it is unfair to spread baseless rumors without any evidence.

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Furthermore, Cindy Sanyu emphasized that she and her husband are a team, supporting each other in their respective careers and endeavors.


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