Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu, Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce Celebrate Second Wedding Anniversary

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu and her husband Prynce are joyfully celebrating their second wedding anniversary today.

On this day, two years ago, Cindy and Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce exchanged vows and became husband and wife at St Stephen’s church-Kisugu.

Since then, the couple has enjoyed a harmonious life together and has expanded their family with the addition of two children.

As they commemorate their anniversary, Prynce took to his social media platforms to express his gratitude. He shared that Cindy has transformed his world, inspiring him to embrace challenges and assuring her that she will never be alone, as he is by her side every day.

He further revealed that every step he takes is carefully considered, guided by God, as he leads her towards new horizons.

Cindy Sanyu, Okuyo Joel Atiku Prynce

Together, they navigate life as warriors on a battlefield, as companions on an adventure, as a united force like lions in pride, and as royalty in their kingdom.

Moreover, he emphasized that Cindy completes him, declaring that she is the other half of their unique bond, which he affectionately refers to as the “PRYNCEDOM.”

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He concluded by offering a prayer for God’s blessings upon her and wishing her a joyous anniversary, reminding her of his everlasting love.


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