Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu Remains Mute Amid Reports of Flaunting Her House on Social Media

Dancehall singer Cindy Sanyu has remained tight-lipped amid allegations of parading her new house on social media.

In contrast to her longstanding rival Cindy Sanyu, Sheebah Karungi has boasted over the years about being one of the most successful musicians in the music business.

Sheebah’s fully furnished house in Munyonyo is a living example that she is living Cindy’s dream, who has always bragged about being a happily married woman with a beautiful family.

In light of the pair’s just concluded music battle at Kololo independence grounds, reports surfaced suggesting how Cindy had finally succumbed to public pressure and flaunted her house despite initially vowing to show off her assets to the media.

The reports were followed by a video clip shared on Bless Contractors Limited’s TikTok account, depicting a house nearing completion, using Cindy’s sound as she claimed how stupid it is for one to think that with all the money she has acquired in the music industry, she has established nothing.

Cindy Sanyu

The video, which has since amassed over 307K views on TikTok and still counting, has elicited mixed reactions among internet users, with some claiming it is indeed Cindy’s house.

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However, others have pointed out that the house in circulation belongs to another Ugandan, and Bless Contractors Limited used Cindy’s sound on the video-sharing platform as a trend.

Amid the confusion, Cindy remains tight-lipped at her home and seemingly taking pleasure in the whole rumour.

@user48916127366050bless bless and co contractors limited quality matters #foryou#foryou#viral ♬ original sound – Waya lovin


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