Grace Khan, Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu Supports Grace Khan’s Concert With a Free Band, Backup Artists, And Facilitations

Cindy Sanyu is showing her support for Grace Khan’s upcoming concert by providing a complimentary band and backup artists.

Grace Khan, a talented singer, is currently preparing for her concert dubbed “Sing Along with Grace Khan da Diva”, which will take place at Climax Bar and Lounge in Makindye.

Leading up to the event, Grace has been receiving an outpouring of support from fellow musicians, with Cindy Sanyu being the most recent.

According to Grace, Cindy has generously offered her band and backup artists to perform at the concert without any charge.

Grace expressed her deep appreciation for Cindy Sanyu’s support and kind gesture, emphasizing that she will always remember her, even until the end of time.

Grace Khan

Grace expressed her gratitude towards Cindy Sanyu for her generous offer of a free band, backup artists, and assistance during rehearsals leading up to the concert.

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She acknowledged Cindy’s support and kind gesture, stating that she will always remember her, even beyond her final day in this world.


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