Club Ambiance Masaka

Club Ambiance Masaka Guts Fire

Sad reports on our news desk indicate that one of the longest-serving clubs in the country Club Ambiance Masaka gutted fire.

Eyewitnesses claim that the fire started at Club Ambiance building at around 3 AM today and quickly consumed nearly everything in the structure.

Everything that makes up a club was reduced to ashes and theories about what started the fire point to electricity.

Although the Ugandan police arrived at the scene in time to make an attempt to put out the fire, they were short on water.

Prior to the development, Club Ambiance had just commemorated 25 years of serving partiers, little did they know that the club wouldn’t survive its remaining years.

Club Ambiance Masaka

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Club Ambiance is owned by businessman Joseph Kiyimba, who ventured into the Night club business in Uganda a couple of decades back and as you read this the club holds a number of branches around the country.


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