Cody Rhodes

American wrestler Cody Rhodes Donates Ring to Ugandan Wrestling Group

Renowned global pro wrestler Cody Rhodes has donated a ring to the Ugandan Soft Ground Wrestling group.

The Group, based in Mukono, has for a while been receiving tremendous acclaim locally and globally thanks to their rudimentary setup ring and craft.

Joining the list of supporters is American professional wrestler Cody Rhodes Garrett Runnels Rhodes, who has pledged to donate a wrestling ring to Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda.

Cody pledged after watching one of the videos by the Mukono-based group shared on their official account.

Cody Rhodes

Cody has also hailed some of the top SWG talents such as Bumbash, Jordan, Cool-Man, and more before announcing that he has found someone in Uganda to make a ring for them.

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We’ve all been watching what you guys have been doing lately. I’ve talked to a few friends about how the experience is down there. It’s incredibly impressive and it’s wonderful to see your love at SGW for pro wrestling and sports entertainment.
I love everything that you guys are doing. It’s not lost on me that with the world as divided as it may be, social issues, climate issues, political issues, whatever it may be. One thing we can universally bond on is our love for pro wrestling. With that said, you guys need a proper wrestling ring. We have found someone in Uganda who can make it for you. When it gets done, send the bill to me. It is on me, my gift to you.
Cody Rhodes


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