Douglas Lwanga, D Star, Hoozambe

D Star of Hoozambe Praises Douglas Lwanga for Valuable Platform and Support

Trending singer Douglas Lwanga of Hoozambe fame has heaped praise on media personality Douglas Lwanga for the impactful platform and support.

D Star, came to stardom a few weeks back, thanks to his trending song dubbed Hoozambe.

While addressing the press, D Star revealed that Douglas Lwanga was one of the first people to interview him and offer the platform he needed.

He added that following the interview, Lwanga offered him Ugx 20K as support, which he used to buy chicken hours later.

Douglas Lwanga

The singer noted that he is currently working tirelessly to earn some money, pledging to share a percentage of his earnings with Lwanga.

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This boy D Star is trending on the TikTok app for his freestyle & song Hoozambee “Shifula”. I am blessed I put a smile on your face. We all shouldn’t give up on life. Bless all the ghetto yuts. Ghetto to the world. Shine on D star! Douglas Lwanga Appreciated


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