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Come and I Sign You Rather Than Ranting About Connections – Eddy Kenzo Fires Back

Singer Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has addressed former colleague Big Eye’s claims that he is selfish.

At the start of this month, former Big Talent singer Big Eye Starboss took to his socials and expressed his disappointment with Eddy Kenzo for not sharing his global contacts with fellow musicians.

Big Eye’s disappointment came in light of Eddy Kenzo being nominated for the concluded Grammys awards with Matt B, but he adamantly refused to link fellow musicians to such greater opportunities.

To make his message clear, Big Eye went into the studio and recorded a song called “Connection” that was directed at his adversary Eddy Kenzo.

Eddy Kenzo

While addressing the media yesterday, after being given a heroic welcome into the country following his taking part in the concluded Grammys Awards, Eddy Kenzo was tasked to remark on Big Eye’s rants.

Kenzo stressed that because music is a business, he won’t toil to rise to the top while still pleading with other musicians to promote their work.

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He insisted that he is always willing to assist anyone who approaches him and needs assistance in some form.

The Grammys nominee added that rather than venting on social media, musicians who believe their careers have reached a breaking point should let him sign them to his record label.


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