Comedian Omukebete Crying Foul After Thieves Made Off With Valuable Parts of His Car

Renowned stand-up comedian Omukebete real name David Katende is currently inconsolable after heartless thieves made off with valuable components of his car.

As news of the incident spread, Omukebete took to his personal Facebook account to express his discontent, sharing his raw emotions with his loyal fanbase.

His followers were deeply moved by the sad news, and they wholeheartedly supported and encouraged him during this challenging period.

The stolen components of his Rav4 vehicle encompassed side mirrors, radio, lights, and various other essential parts.

Not only did the thieves pilfer his belongings, but they also caused significant disruption to both his daily routine and professional obligations.


Despite the setback, Omukebete remains determined to fix his car, which has prompted him to take measures to ensure its security and prevent any future damages.

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By the time of publication, the comedian had not apprehended any suspect in connection with the theft. He has certainly filed a police report and the authorities will promptly commence their investigations.



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