Comedy Store Awards 2023

Comedy Store Awards 2023 Announced

The Comedy Store Awards 2023 have been announced by Comedy Store Uganda. These awards aim to recognize and honour the most exceptional comedians and the funniest personalities in the year 2023.

Initially held on December 19, 2019, the Comedy Store Awards will take place this year during Comedy Store’s end-of-year show on December 20th at the UMA multipurpose hall in Lugogo.

Uganda’s comedy industry has made remarkable progress over the years, thanks to the growing number of talented comedians and the diversity of their skills.

According to Alex Muhangi, the CEO of Comedy Store Uganda, comedy is an art that requires hard work and creativity. It takes a special kind of ingenuity to transform ordinary, sad, or sensitive topics into something that brings joy to people. In a time when audiences are becoming more discerning about what they find funny and comedy is facing increased scrutiny, it is crucial to appreciate the effort that goes into this art form.

In addition to comedians, the awards will also recognize ordinary individuals with funny personalities, including socialites, politicians, TikTokers, and social media figures.

The public will have the opportunity to nominate their favourite comedians and personalities through Comedy Store Uganda’s social media platforms. The awards panel will then shortlist the nominees with the highest number of nominations, and voting will also take place through the same platforms.

Comedy Store Uganda Announces Its 2023 Award Edition

This year’s awards will build upon the success of the inaugural 2019 edition, where MC Mariachi was named the Best Comedian.

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The awards will feature various categories, including Funniest Radio Personality, Funniest TikToker, Funniest on Facebook, Funniest on Instagram, Funniest on Twitter, Best Upcoming Comedian, Funniest Politician, Best Female Comedian, Best Male Comedian, Best Duo, Best Group, Legendary Comic Award, Best English Comedian, Comedian of the Year, Comedy Store Most Supportive Fan(s), and Regional Comedian.


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