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Court Commends Eddy Kenzo to Perform Again in Uganda Following Dismissal of Luba Events’ Cases

Court has commended singer Eddy Kenzo to continue performing at any event within Uganda following the dismissal of events promoter Luba Events’ case against the singer.

Eddy Kenzo was the target of a miscellaneous Application (1572 of 2022) filed by Luba Events, real name Lubuulwa Moses, on November 10th, 2022.

Luba accused Eddy Kenzo of allegedly breaching their contract that required the events’ promoter to stage the singer’s concluded Festival.

The event’s promoter filed the complaint on the grounds that in 2020, he entered an agreement with Eddy Kenzo and he was obligated to stage the singer’s festival.

Eddy Kenzo

He however incurred losses amounting to UGX 800M when the festivities were called off due to the Covid-19 pandemic and looked forward to reorganizing the event.

To his dismay, Eddy Kenzo benched him and opted for another event organizer despite the UGX 140M the two parties had agreed upon.

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Luba hence sought justice and asked the court to prohibit Eddy Kenzo from appearing at any future events held in Uganda until he performs for him.

In the courts of law, Eddy Kenzo was represented by Counsel Kabega Musa and Counsel Faisal Balikurungi of Kabega, Bogezi, and Bukenya Advocates, and the following objectives were raised.

  1. There was no resolution authorizing Lubuurwa Moses to institute the suit and this application in on behalf of the company.
  2. The prayers sought in the application are vague and untenable.
  3. The application in overtaken by events all shows having taken place.
  4. It is against public policy and would amount to an unreasonable restraint of trade.

Court hence upheld all the above objections and dismissed the application with Costs. The court went on to vacate the earlier interim order issued on 10th November 2022, commending Eddy Kenzo to perform at any event within Uganda.


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