Court Grants Zex Bilangilangi Cash Bail

Earlier today, the court granted a cash bail to Firebase singer Mayega Tadeo alias Zex Bilangilangi, surviving being taken to Luzira prison.

Recently Zex Bilangilangi found himself in trouble when he got into a heated altercation at a bar with one of his rivals identified as Bishop.

A few days later, Zex Bilangilangi was apprehended and locked up at a police station, to face the consequences of his actions, having failed to resolve the dispute between them amicably.

He was arraigned before the Nakawa court earlier today, and his legal representatives expeditiously submitted a bail application. Fortunately, the court approved the application, granting the singer temporary freedom.

However, this freedom came at a cost, as he was required to pay a cash bail amounting to Ugx 500,000. In addition to the cash bail, the court also instructed Zex to provide suatees who were each obligated to pay a non-cash amount of 3m.

Zex Bilangilangi

Despite being released on bail, Zex’s legal journey is far from over. He is scheduled to reappear in court again on the 15th of November.

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Until then, he must adhere to the conditions set by the court and cooperate fully with the ongoing legal proceedings.


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