Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda Pays Fan’s 3 Months Rent Following Viral Dance Challenge

Singer Crysto Pand born Herbert Kityamuweesi paid one of his fans three months’ rent to appreciate her unwavering support.

A while after releasing his song “Empele,” several of Panda’s fans dropped over 35.6K TikTok video challenges including Ainomugisha Mercy.

In all the video challenges, Mercy’s video drew Panda’s attention, and as he dueted the video, he requested to meet her to make another challenge together.

A day back, Crysto Panda lived up to his promise, as he met Mercy at her residence and the two excitedly rubbed shoulders.

Crysto Panda conveyed his gratitude to Mercy for pushing his song further, before hailing her dancing prowess.

They had a simple dance session, and Panda made it rain on Mercy with an undisclosed amount in Ugx 20,000 notes.

They had a chitchat, where Panda inquired about Mercy’s rent fees and she candidly revealed that she pays Ugx 110,000 a month.

Panda pulled out his phone and wired money via mobile money to cover her three months. Mercy expressed her gratitude to the singer, for the kind gesture portrayed.


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